What makes us different

As moms, we understand the challenges of present-day parents and so the school’s vision has been deeply inspired by the need to raise children between the ages of 1-6 into empathy-driven, a value instilled, independent, self-assured young adults who have the competence and capability to face the journey of life. The emphasis would be on how each child individually thrives. The school will have lots of open spaces with the appealing indoor environments, the inspiration being nature itself. A franchise model comes with its own constraints and redundancies which contradicted with the vision of Vedic Lore -providing the customized curriculum. We have built our curriculum and structure so that the best of all worlds are provided to our children and they can pick whichever suits them! And yes, we have teachers certified in all methodologies.

We strongly believe in vicarious learning. Children often thrive from imitation. Give them a good environment with a good teacher, children automatically get engrossed and imitate. We see that happening at home as well. Children often reflect their parents and seem to always enjoy doing what their parents do. In our school we follow a Child directed approach where we strongly believe:

  • No two children are the same
  • Each child has his/her individual interests and capabilities
  • Forcing young children especially between the ages of 2-4 causes more damage than help.
  • Mixed age groups in a classroom environment provide for enhanced learning.
  • Children learn better through hands-on experience, real-world application and problem-solving rather than through rote- learning and testing.
  • Academic competition and accountability are not effective ways to motivate a child to become well educated. They learn more effectively when school is seen as safe, exciting and as a joyful experience.