Prep 1 / Prep 2

Carefully designed activities allow children to joyfully learn to care for themselves and for their class environment. The tasks of buttoning, transferring quantities, polishing and preparing all subconsciously develop accurate eye-hand abilities which our children have already practised and mastered during their playgroup and nursery which they will now need for reading, writing, and other academic pursuits that follow during their ages of 4-6. Children at this stage develop courtesy, graciousness, poise and self-control since vital interest in purposeful activity always breeds social maturity.

PREP 1 – VRIKSHA (TREE) (4.1 Y to 5 Y)

A strong tree will be deep-rooted. The Prep – 1 program will offer in-depth knowledge of each environment. We will enhance the curious minds to apply their learning in an effective manner through real-time projects and field trips.

PREP 2 – PHALA  (FRUIT) (5.1 – 6 Y)

Our efforts will bear fruit when our children grow into empathizing, gifted and self -assured young adults. Prep -2 programs will emphasis on reading and writing readiness along with building extensive knowledge on the subjects offered as a part of the curriculum. We assure you a seamless transfer to the next stage of their school life.

Children of this age group will be exposed to:

  • Advanced Language classes with exposure to reading and writing.
  • Advanced Math and Arithmetic with lessons on practical application.
  • Art, Crafts and expressions.
  • Environmental Sciences.
  • Drama and Theatre classes.