Play Group

Playgroup – DHATU ( ROOT) ( 2.1 y – 3 y)

The most joyful years are those which the child enjoys without any care in the world. Our Playgroup is designed to provide unstructured play time along with age-appropriate learning aids. Our goal is to make learning fun and enticing.

During the beginning weeks in a playgroup class, children experience a major transition. To ease this transition, we require the maximum of two weeks “phase-in” period. The first day is one hour with a parent in the classroom. Both the parent and child leave after one hour. We try to increase the time by an hour each day and to slowly move parents out of the classroom as children become comfortable with their teachers and environment. After a child has experienced the phase-in process, the best way children can feel comfortable at school is if they see that their parents have trust in the new situation. Consistency in the daily way parents handle the transition away from their child also helps to support the child’s ability to build trust. A tender hug or kiss and a confident demeanour as you leave are routines that help your child adjust to the “newness” of school. To successfully pass through separation anxiety is one of the major learning experiences for the child.

Of course, the adults who work with this age group must have both incredible energy and deep sensitivity. Our Vedic Lore teachers are experienced in teaching—and compassionate and loving in nature. And they love to laugh! Working with children is simply joyful.