How we started, What makes us different, and

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We four mothers in our own individual ways wanted to curate a space for children which was impregnable, a fun place to blend learning with play; an individualized curriculum which can be customized for each child and a place where everyone would love going back to! When we four came together we were able to create this space were learning Indian Culture, learning through play, spending time exploring nature, and spreading compassion became pillars, a preschool called Vedic Lore was born.

We believe that every moment can be a learning opportunity, especially in the right environment. We believe in “child-centeredness” and that learning should be internally motivated. Children are always encouraged to participate in activities but never forced to do anything they do not want to do.

Ishwarya Iyer

Co-founder & CEO

Is a computer science engineer, an MBA in Finance and an avid traveller. She believes in continuous education and that learning has no age or end. She has held leadership positions with 2 top companies in India and was the youngest in both companies when she achieved the same. She is also an aspiring Inc talks fellow and has presented papers on early childhood education and the significance of root learning and play based curriculums. After entering motherhood, she was inspired to explore different modes of education and methodologies of teaching. She got herself certified in Montessori and Waldorf teaching methodologies out of interest in ELM and went on to create Vedic Lore, a preschool envisioned with a holistic PLAY-based curriculum deep-rooted in Indian Culture with the sole focus of nurturing and helping children of such tender age.

Divya Anukul

Co-founder & Creative Director

Has a persona that resonates with everything artistic and expressive. She is a well known Bharatnatyam Dancer and idealised Guru who is also trained in Carnatic music. She also runs her enterprise ‘ Sanskriti- A way of life’ conceptualised in the year 2012 with a vision to impart knowledge in Hindu Mythology through different mediums of fine arts like Sanskrit Shlokas, bhajans, stories, role plays and much more. She has successfully directed 3 stage shows with 30 and more children based on Hindu Mythology. A mom of two wonderful kids, her children have motivated her through her journey. The need to imbibe culture and to integrate art forms in the minds of young children is what inspired her to venture into Vedic Lore.

Neha Arora

Co-founder & People Head

Is an MBA in Human Resources. Working in HR meant interacting with all sorts of people, understanding their psyche, facing their problems and coming out with solutions which not only helped them but worked to reach common goals. After she had two kids of her own, taking care of them had become a full-time job in itself and with little or no support from families sitting miles away, she sought out for help and found various options but none could really have an effect which could resemble mothers devoted and loving care. With such a persona, she intends to bring her personal experience to create strong bonds with parents and nurture their bundles of joy by welcoming them to the Vedic Lore household.

Rizwana Taj

Co-founder & Strategic Relationship Director

Is a Positive, Energetic, Enthusiastic Individual with more than 14+ years of experience in the Educational Industry. She has been conducting training’s and seminars for all ages. Her vast customer relationship management stems from her close association with Schools and their Management. She has mapped Curriculum’s as diverse as IB, IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE for many schools. She has assisted various International Schools with competitive strategies in E-learning platforms and fostering kinesthetic skills in Maths and Science concepts. Her motto has always been ‘No child should be left behind.’ A proud mother of two kids loves to be connected with the innocence of every child. She has interacted with students across International Schools and strongly believes that the impact of early years of factual schooling brings in an encouraging and positive stance in children and their families. Her vision to build and connect a strong learning environment is what made Vedic lore a class apart from any other preschool!.