Extended Care – DHARA( WOMB)

Busy working parents often need to be on the job well before the opening school bell rings

A child is best nurtured and protected in the womb of the mother. On the same lines, children who are left with us as a part of our extended care program will be safe, happy and delighted during their entire stay at the school.

Our Extended care program will be an extended home to the children in many ways.

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten

Preschool and Pre-K students can begin their school day at 8:45 am, spending their first hour with table activities designed to develop fine motor skills and concentration. For about an hour after arrival, students focus on circle time, imaginative STEAM play that encourages curiosity and teaches basic problem-solving. There’s plenty of caring, one-to-one attention from teachers, and a special emphasis on helping our youngest students develop social skills.

The afternoon extended day program, available from 1:00AM to 7:30 pm, includes quiet table activities and games, outdoor fun and physical education, a daily craft project, and ends on an entertaining note with stories, dramatic play, movement and music.


Extended care for elementary students can begin as early as 8:45 am, and ends by 7:30 pm.

Vedic Lore’s elementary program is a natural extension of the day, beginning right after the last departure. Including time for homework, Vedic Lore’s elementary extended day program gives students an opportunity to complete all homework assignments, with timing and schedule dependent on the student’s grade level.

In addition to homework time, elementary extended day students are led through organized arts and crafts projects, and a variety of STEAM activities. To round out the program, students also spend time after school outside on the playground to play.

Key Highlights of our Extended care program is as follows:

  • The day care is functional Monday to Saturday between 1PM to 8PM for children till the age group of 8 years. Flexi-time options for individual parents are available as well.
  • They will be nourished with home cooked nutritious food at timely intervals.
  • They will be provided with a cosy sleeping space for their afternoon naps.
  • An experienced teacher along with dedicated staff will attend to their needs. For the extended care, we maintain a ratio of 1:5. Children will be involved in a structured activity everyday in the evening for about half to one hour depending on their age.
  • Our unstructured play park will give them ample opportunities to have outdoor fun.
  • We will have a designated activity every day which will enhance their time management, cognitive and happiness quotient.
  • The CCTV surveillance system will provide continuous monitoring of the entire program.
  • An app will be provided to parents to access complete information pertaining to their child every day.